How to Build a Lead Capture Form That Actually Converts

How to Build a Lead Capture Form That Actually Converts

Sales wants more leads, and it-s your job to deliver them. Now what?

There is a lot of noise and competition for buyers attention. Attracting the attention of new leads is hard – that-s why it-s important to meet your prospects where they-re at. Consumers expect businesses to provide them with a seamless purchasing experience. No matter which channel your company is using to communicate with prospects, the message needs to be consistent.

B2B companies are turning to digital marketing strategies to create this multi-channel purchasing experience. This is in part because new technologies make it easier for marketers to generate leads and personalize marketing communications.

What is lead capture?
Lead capture is the process of attracting prospects and collecting their contact information. Marketing teams use lead generation techniques to attract, qualify, and pass high-value leads to their sales team with the goal of converting prospects into paying customers.

In order to help you better understand this article, we-ve provided a glossary of common terms seen in this piece.

  • Lead: a lead is a person or company that has expressed interest in purchasing products or services.
  • Lead generation: the process of attracting people and converting them into prospects through activities such as website optimization, social media, and email marketing.

It-s a popular lead generation tool marketers can use to create defined audiences, score leads, and more.


of B2B companies say content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies.

Source: Marketo